I think we all search for the “dream lip color”, the one that we see in the store and violins start playing and a spotlight shines down.  I’m no different, and I think I’m on to something, at least for my skin tone.  This lip look starts out as brown, but becomes kind of a clay hue once I’m finished.  This is good for people with fair skin, and naturally strongly hued lips (berry, reddish, orangey).  Here’s the breakdown:

1. Use a mauve-ish brown lipstick.  The product I use isn’t sold by Avon anymore, but it’s called Twig.

2. Swipe on a generous amount.  (This will be scary.  Oh, my God, my lips are brown!  Helppp!).  Relax.  It won’t be this intense.

3. Take a q-tip and blot the center of your lips, taking off the majority of the lipstick.  Leave it as is on the very outside of your lips- this will make your lips appear way fuller.  Blot until the hue is kind of brick orange, or earthy.  This happens because you blotted the brown so thin that the natural color of your lips can be seen through, which mixes with the brown.

I’ve found this color to work really well with a natural face look.  As for clothes, it complements earthy and natural tones, as well as olive and khaki green.