“But eyes are blind. One must search with the heart.”

– Antoine Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

I agree.  Sometimes it is better to act with your heart, rather than your mind.  The Little Prince comes all the way to Earth from his faraway planet all because of a rose, a rose he has come to love, a rose who domesticated him, a rose he couldn’t live with, but now can’t forget.  His fixation upon la rose reminds us that love is irrational and illogical and that it leaves invisible scars.  However, love also heals.  The Little Prince left his planet because of his rose, and in turn got to see the universe and meet all types of people, all with their own flaws and virtues, all with their needs and wants, and he realized, by the time he got to Earth, that nobody is perfect.  And with this he continued on his journey, his rose always in the back of his mind.