If I could take part in three fictional adventures, I would:

1. Visit the Thor movie-verse.  I’m totally obsessed with Loki, so meeting him would be the best thing ever.  And yes, I would gladly kneel.  Anyway, I would probably annoy Loki to the point of tears with my incessant questions and fangirling, but it would all be okay.  He’s a Norse god.  He can deal with it.  I would also love to meet Thor, with his affable old Golden retriever demeanor.  I would also love to meet Jane Foster.  We could have an Asgardian sleepover.  I would rock that ish.

2. I would, surprisingly enough, visit the Twilight book/movie-verse.  The Cullens’ family dynamic is really interesting, plus they’re (sadly enough) one of the most functional families I know of.  I would like to get to know Edward, Jasper, Rosalie, and Carlisle, all with their unique experiences throughout the decades and centuries.  It would be like living history, and I would probably fangirl and bombard them all with questions about the CIvil War and the Jazz Age and the 60s.  Also, I feel like despite everything, Bella would be a pretty cool Normal Girl.

3. I would love to jump into the world of The Great Gatsby (so ingeniously created by F. Scott Fitzgerald).  The Jazz Age is one of my favorite historical eras.  I would love to explore the time when feminism took its roots, a time of widespread disillusionment and fabulous wealth.  I would like to meet the mysterious but razor-sharp Daisy Buchanan.  I would love to go along with Nick Carraway on all his adventures with Tom Buchanan, Jordan Baker and, of course, Jay Gatsby.