The Daily Post: Seat Guru


The Daily Post: Seat Guru by eszterhills featuring 3 pc wall art

Okay. If I were seating six famous/notable artists around a table for dinner, here is what I’d do. Eric Whitacre, the amazing contemporary American composer, would sit next to amazing illustrator and author of the eye-opening, life-changing memoir Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi. Since both of them explore religion through two different artistic mediums, they would have a lot to compare and contrast. Next to Ms. Satrapi would be Tom Hiddleston, the amazing English actor, because he’s deep and interesting and a classic gentleman. Ms. Satrapi’s dry sense of humor would go great with his easygoing nature. And here’s the stroke of genius (if I do say so myself)…are you ready? Next to Tom will be Chris Hemsworth, a Thor co-star, who Tom has a notorious bromance and witty back-and-forth with. Tom and Chris, who’ve already known each other for a long time, would defuse the tension and loosen everyone up to clear the way for good conversation. Next to Chris I would place Iggy Azalea, another pop culture icon. They’re both Australian, so they have common ground. Yves Saint Laurent, famous haute coutourieur and founder of THE Saint Laurent, would sit next to Iggy. Since Iggy Azalea has become quite a fashion icon herself, she and Mr. Saint Laurent would have conversation material in terms of the direction of modern fashion. I tried not to place anyone next to an artist of the same medium, so as to force all the guests to open up and share about their own art. Each guest has next to him/her at least one guest who s/he has common ground with. Once the ice is broken (Chris and Tom, I’m betting on you!), the evening should run smoothly with intellectual, fascinating, deep, interesting discussion.

P.S. You may be wondering, as I myself am, why I know so much about these celebrities/notable people. I got nothing for ya.