They’re not really faces…sigh…but it’s okay, because the English language doesn’t contain the words to describe these wonderful gesticulations/motions/facial and physical expressions of emotion.  So without further ado…

1. The Nose Swipe.  Pioneered by Elvis Presley, this gesticulation clearly indicates hipster status and an untouchable rocker-cool.  Yeah, the guy on the right?  I don’t know who he is…I just couldn’t find a picture of Elvis Presley nose-swiping…well, random guy, you are officially cool.  Ehem.  Okay.

Random Person Nose Swipe My Nose Swipe




2. The Grace Face!  Invented by the amazing YouTuber Grace Helbig, this chin-on-fist motion fairly screams, “yeah.  I’m weird.  And cute.  While being weird.  Deal with it, young grasshopper.”  On the right is Grace Helbig herself, being her amazing…self.  Ehem.  Okay.My Grace Face Grace Helbig's GRACEFACE'


3. The Nose Tap.  Apparently, Paul Walker did this before my amazing English teacher this year, but I learned it from her.  And yes, I’m calling her a celebrity.  Because…she’s earned the status.  Yeah, kids, teachers have a hard life.  It’s true.  Anyway, the nose tap says you’re right and your conversation partner is wrong.  Only smart people are allowed to do the nose tap, mind you.  It’s exclusive.  Yeah.

My Nose Tap Paul Newman Nose Tap