In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cue the Violins.”

So, The Daily Post asked that if there were a soundtrack to my life, what would it be?  I’ve thought a lot about this, because music is an essential part of who I am.  If there were melancholy montages of me in profile, driving in the sunset, what music would play?  I think I’ve come up with some answers:

Chopin‘s Barcarolle op. 60

Tove Lo‘s album Queen of the Clouds

Phildel‘s Beside You

Ella Henderson‘s Ghost

Ingrid Michaleson‘s songs Over You (feat. Great Big World), Wonderful Unknown (feat. Greg Laswell), Ghost, and I’m Through

Eric Whitacre‘s pieces Alleluia, Sleep, and Lux Aurumque

Jillette Johnson‘s album Water in a Whale